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Life Stories Recorded

Give the gift of a lifetime with an audio time capsule containing memories from your own, a friends or a loved ones life.  

Keep your loved one's memories and history alive in a way that is entirely personal. With an audio time capsule you can record the memories of those you love or for those who love you so that they can be relived in the future.

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An audio time capsule is a personalised documentary, recording your family's life stories and preserving their memories and history in their own voice. In other words, it's a private radio show, podcast or audiobook all about the people you love. 

It involves recording a conversation with a person or multiple people about their life in one or more sessions.

This is then professionally edited together with songs of their choosing to tell their story and reflect their personality. The finished product is available digitally or on USB sticks or CDs so they can be listened back to by family or friends and can be shared with every future generation.

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What stories will you tell? 

This little clip lets you hear how I can bring to life some of your favourite family stories in an audio time capsule. 

Whether it is you looking back on happy memories, hearing about how your gran met your grandad, or enjoying a fireworks show while on holiday abroad, everyone has a story to tell and you can hear them told for generations to come with a personalised audio documentary. 

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Bronze Capsule

A 30 minute

Audio Time Capsule.

Silver Capsule

A 30-45 minute

Audio Time Capsule.

Gold Capsule

A 30-60 minute

Audio Time Capsule.

Custom Capsule

An any length

Audio Time Capsule.


Memorial Add-on

A 2-5 minute clip from an audio time capsule to be played at a funeral/wake.


Business Package

Professional audio services for your business.

Charity or Community Group Package

Professional audio services for your charity or community group.

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"Lewis did an amazing job getting the very best out of my older relatives who were quite nervous about the whole recording experience. It is extremely well edited and he was extremely easy to work with. I now have an recorded history of my family which can be passed down to future family members - HIGHLY recommended."
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