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Time Capsule Productions is an audio production company specialising in recording life stories in audio time capsules. These were thought up after I had heard so many people say that they wished they had asked a loved one more about their life before they passed away. I always had a desire to hear stories anyway so I figured why not combine that with my audio production experience and record life stories to preserve memories and help families remember lost loved ones. 

Audio time capsules are gifts that preserve the life story and memories of people in their own voices. Like an radio documentary, podcast or audiobook that is all about you, a family member or a friend. These can be shared with whomever you like to keep and listen to forever. 

The subject will be interviewed in a place they feel comfortable in one or more recording sessions. The audio will then be professionally edited and crafted into a personalised audio time capsule. The recordings are available in different formats such as USB stick, digitally or on CD. 

I also offer various audio services for businesses, community groups and charities. These include documentaries, their own podcast series or a project of their choosing. 

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What is Time Capsule Productions?

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Lewis Harrower

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Time Capsule Productions was created by Lewis Harrower, an audio producer who studied MA Radio at the University of Sunderland before returning to Fife. 

Lewis has an interest in creative audio production, enjoys listening to people's stories and the idea of preserving the history of people that may not usually be recorded. 

Recent audio production work includes a BBC Radio 4 documentary called 'Pilgrimage for a Pint'.


He is also a Dementia Friend as recognised by Alzheimer's Scotland. 

Find examples of his Audio Documentaries, Drama's and other work below. 

Folk musicians Julie Fowlis and Karine Polwart set out on a journey to the most remote pub in mainland Britain - The Old Forge in Inverie.

Located on the Knoydart Peninsular on the west coast of Scotland, the pub is only accessible by a 15 mile hike through the hills from the nearest single-track road, or by sailing into Loch Nevis from the port of Mallaig.

Joining Julie and Karine are fellow musicians Iain MacFarlane and Ingrid Henderson, and the poets Sarah Grant and Doug Wilson Garry. They have set themselves the challenge of writing a new song and composing poetry about their two different pilgrimages for a pint, aiming to capture their experiences in words and music - and all in time for a special Sunday Session at The Old Forge where they join the locals for a fun evening celebrating the recent community buyout of this remotest of pubs.

Producer: Lewis Harrower
A Soundscape production for BBC Radio 4

Living With Dementia

A creative drama, documentary and soundscape which explores the lives of those affected by dementia - from close family members, to the various offers of support to help increase quality of life. Our presenters are Harry and his grandmother Ruth, who is living with dementia. Together, Harry and Ruth investigate what dementia is, and some of the problems it creates for carers and family members. But it’s not all about the negatives, as they also look into some of the creative things people are doing to positively impact the lives of those affected - from helpful dogs to slow shopping - and, hopefully, make enough difference to reduce the stigma that surrounds dementia. You can listen to a shorter version of the documentary on BBC Sounds here.

Cast: Ruth - Hester Dowling, Harry - Lewis Harrower

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Audio Examples

Audio Examples
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