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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Audio Time Capsule?
    An Audio Time Capsule is a personalised documentary, recording people's lives and preserving their memories and history in their own words. It involves interviewing a person or multiple people about their life in one or more sessions and recording this. This is then professionally edited in a way that tells their story and reflects their personality. The finished product is available digitally or in physical media forms such as USB sticks or CD's so this can be listened back to by family or friends and can be shared with every future generation.
  • How does the interview process work?
    For the interview I usually ask the subject to prepare a bullet pointed list of what they would like to discuss. This helps to get people thinking about what they want to say before hand and usually makes the recording flow better. It helps for this to be in a rough order, for example beginning with who they are, their family history, their parents, their birth, early years and school, growing up, jobs they had, holidays they went on, relationships and stories up to the present day. Whilst they recount their story from this list I can ask additional questions that I think could be interesting to add and usually the subject remembers more stories naturally too. You are also free to let me know specific topics in advance that I can also ask about. If the subject does not wish to write down a list of stories to discuss I can conduct a typical question and answer interview. However, this can sometimes make people feel quite on the spot and they can often remember more they wished to say after the recording is over
  • What makes an Audio Time Capsule different from recording my own family?
    I take the recording and use my experience to professionally edit it into an audio documentary about the subject including music and sounds to build on the stories told. This helps to recreate them in the listeners mind and reflect the personality of the subject through their song choices Editing the audio is the part of making an Audio Time Capsule that takes the longest amount of time. From cleaning it up (removing any coughs or any part with me asking questions) to picking out the best stories to make into the Capsule. I also take the time to build a narrative that helps each part of the subject's life story flow together into an understandable story that is easy to listen through. Then I build on that with sounds and music to tie everything together like a nice neat little audio bow. That is mostly what you will pay for when you buy an Audio Time Capsule. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to answering this question. - I have experience in interviewing a range of people that allows me to pick up on certain parts of the interview and ask more questions about that to get just a bit more information out of the subject. - The equipment I use is professional quality and will achieve a clearer sound than a phone recording would. - I can licence certain music for use in these Audio Time Capsules that is included in the price.
  • How long is the interview process?
    I tailor this to you! The shortest interview session would be an hour for a 30 minute Audio Time Capsule. I can spend the whole day with you or I can split longer interviews over multiple days. This helps to maximise the memories and stories that are captured in your Audio Time Capsule. I should also note that if you have chosen a Bronze Package I would spend around an hour with you. If you have chosen a Gold Package I can spend a few hours with you.
  • How long is the turnaround for an Audio Time Capsule?
    This depends on a number of factors. First a consultation should take place and a date arraigned for the interview recording to take place. The recording could be done in one day or across multiple sessions on multiple days. Once the recording has been completed the editing and mixing of the audio should take no more than a week when it would be sent to you for final approval. Once you are happy with the Audio Time Capsule and this has been confirmed with me I will package the final product as requested and send this to you. The exact amount of time the edit and mixing would take depends on the package purchased e.g. a Bronze Capsule would take less time to edit than a Gold Capsule.
  • Why the different packages?
    The different packages are there to suit different price ranges for the Audio Time Capsules. No matter what package you pick you can rest assured that every Audio Time Capsule will be professionally recorded and crafted. I base these on the length of time I can spend on your Audio Time Capsule so I can spend longer talking to you and creating your Audio Time Capsule with a Silver and Gold packages than I can with Bronze. The business and charity/community group packages offer different services such as podcasting adverts and documentaries so packages and prices will be tailored to suit the individual requirements here.
  • What happens when I buy a gift certificate for someone?
    When you buy a gift certificate you will either get a e-gift certificate or physical gift certificate that you can gift to the person you wish to record an audio time capsule. Once they have received the gift certificate you or they can reach out to me to arrange the recording date where I will visit the subjects house (unless otherwise arraigned) and record their life story. I then edit the audio and deliver their audio time capsule in the preferred formats.
  • What area's do you serve?
    I can travel within Central Scotland including Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the surrounding area's. If you are further afield and want to purchase an Audio Time Capsule this can also be arraigned however it may incur additional travel charges.
  • What are you doing to be more accessible?
    I offer a transcription of your Audio Time Capsule that would also be included on delivery of the product. All of the images on the website and social media have alt text associated with them, I try to keep fonts clear and a decent readable size and I try to keep a high colour contrast to make sure all text is legible. If there is anything more I can do to make the products or website more accessible for you do get in touch.
  • How environmentally friendly is Time Capsule Productions?
    We will use public transport to get to as many interview locations as possible. Any USB sticks provided will be made from eco-friendly materials and we will avoid plastic packaging where possible. Time Capsule Productions aim to be very environmentally friendly and will continue to consider the impact of any services we provide and make improvements.
  • How can I pay?
    Currently the only way I am processing payments is through bank transfers however if you wish to pay in another way e.g. check or PayPal etc then please feel free to ask me and I can work something out with you.
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