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Terms and Conditions

Updated 03/05/2024

Our Contract

Time Capsule Productions may amend these Terms from time to time. You should check the website ( from time to time to review the then current Terms, as they are binding on you. 


There is no formal obligation to purchase an Audio Time Capsule until a date for an interview recording has been agreed upon. The payment for the Audio Time Capsule must be made before the interview date otherwise I will push back the interview date or cancel the purchase. 

When purchasing an Audio Time Capsule gift certificate please ensure the recipient of the gift certificate would be interested in recording an Audio Time Capsule beforehand (you could discuss the idea of recording one and gauge their reaction to it). The full price of the requested Audio Time Capsule will be charged on purchase of the gift certificate.

The purchase of a Memorial Add-On can only be confirmed if the subject has already purchased, or is in the process of purchasing, an audio time capsule. This is a cost that is additional to the price of the audio time capsule. This can be purchased at the time of purchase of an audio time capsule or can be purchased at a later date from the purchase of an audio time capsule. 

If you wish to purchase additional USB’s and boxes (either paper or wooden) these can be paid for at the time of purchase of the Audio Time Capsule or at a later date. 


Should an Audio Time Capsule have been purchased and the buyer/interviewee’s circumstances change before an interview recording has taken place then the buyer will be entitled to a full refund. This also applies to gift certificates.

Once an interview recording has taken place a refund cannot be issued. 

If upon receiving the USB/CD and box there is defects to these items that render them unsuitable for use then either a replacement item can be sent or the cost of the items refunded (£7 for 2gb USB and Paper Box or £9 for 8gb USB and Wooden Box). This is reliant that the buyer can prove that the items are unsuitable for use.


Travel Expenses

Additional travel expenses may be incurred if the subject is outwith the areas of Fife, Edinburgh or Central Scotland. These will be discussed within the initial consultation and should be agreed upon before the purchase of an Audio Time Capsule is made. Travel expenses will increase in price the further from Fife that any travel requires. 

Personal Information

Personal information will not be shared in any form. Any recordings made will not be shared in any form with any other person without the permission of the interviewee. Audio Time Capsules will never be shared online or in person unless express permission has been received by Time Capsule Productions. Any Audio Time Capsules that are shared by those who have received a copy of an Audio Time Capsule is not the responsibility of Time Capsule Productions or Lewis Harrower. These should only be shared with the permission of the interviewee. 


Audio Time Capsules should only be shared with family and friends. Audio Time Capsules should not be used to promote a business and they should not be sold. The music used in an Audio Time Capsule is only licensed for use in sharing with family and friends and any part of an Audio Time Capsule containing music should not be shared on social media as the music is not licensed for this. Should any Audio Time Capsule be shared on social media then the person who posted it assumes full responsibility for the content and should do so only if it complies with social media guidelines. 

Should the interviewee consent to Time Capsule Productions using the whole or a part of their recorded interview or Audio Time Capsule for promotion they are allowing Time Capsule Productions the right to share this on their website or on social media of any kind as well as in any advertisements, unless otherwise stated. 

Final Product Changes

Upon the customer’s receipt of the digital version of the Audio Time Capsule they will have one week to listen to the Audio Time Capsule and request any changes to the audio they would like to be made. If changes are made the customer will have a further week to request any further changes, and so on. Should any changes be requested these will be made free of charge. 

If changes to the Audio Time Capsule are requested after the initial week has ended Time Capsule Productions will have no responsibility to make these changes. It will be at the discretion of Lewis Harrower whether or not the changes will be made after this date and a further charge may be requested. 

However, if changes are requested due to an error or defect in the Audio Time Capsule then these changes will be made at any time and will be free of charge. 


Associated Companies

Time Capsule Productions uses Ticket Tailor for the processing of e-certificate purchases view their terms and conditions here:

Thanks for agreeing!

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