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Audio Time Capsule Discussion Ideas

These are suggestions on what you could discuss in an Audio Time Capsule, you do not need to follow this format and can create your own notes.  

  • Introduction – Introduce yourself, your name, your current age and a description about yourself and immediate family or friends.  

  • History – You could talk about what you know about your family history, about parent figures, grandparent figures, siblings or the history of any friendships.   

  • Birth & Early Years – About when and where you were born, any stories you know about your early years, what toys you liked, playing with friends, any memorable events.  

  • School – You could discuss your primary, secondary and further education, what subjects you liked, your friends at school, any trips or funny moments from these years. You could also mention what was going on in your home life around this time like any holidays you went on, what you would do after school with your family and friends ect.  

  • Jobs – What was the job you wanted to do when you grew up and how did this reflect on the jobs you did end up doing? What was your first job and how did your career progress from there through the years?  

  • Friends – What have you and any friends got up to over the years? What stories would they tell about you? How have they supported you?  

  • Holidays – What holidays have you been on, from family holidays in the UK to adventures abroad? Where did you visit, what did you do there?  

  • Hobbies – You could discuss what you do in your free time, any hobbies you have picked up over the years.  

  • Music – What are your favourite songs or artists? What gigs or festivals have you been to?  Have you got any special songs or albums?  

  • Stories - Are there any stories from your life that you want to be remembered? It can be anything, something funny, embarrassing, inspiring or something special to you.   

  • Facts – Interesting facts from your life.

  • Current life – Where are you currently at in your life, what job do you have, any family to talk about, something you have done recently?  

  • Future – Do you have any thoughts or any hopes for the future?   

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