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Professional Audio Production

Are you a business, charity, community group or individual looking to start a podcast? Wanting to record some interviews? Need some professional edited audio? or wanting to commission your own audio documentary to be produced?

Then you have come to the right place.


As a professional audio producer who has produced documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and studied a Masters in Radio, I can provide professionally recorded and edited audio for almost any project. 


Using professional recording equipment I can ensure a good quality audio recording for your project. 


I will use my extensive editing skills to turn raw audio into content that your audience will be able to enjoy seamlessly.

Audio Guestbook

Hire an Audio Guestbook phone for your event to record the thoughts and memories of your guests.

Saving You Time

People often forget that editing takes time. Taking out those pesky 'umms' and 'ahhs' and the unnecessarily long pauses is just one part of a larger task. Making the story flow smoothly by moving sections of audio around, removing pointless sentences and adding in music or sound effects all make your audio piece something that people will enjoy listening to. Your time is precious too, especially if you are running your own business or helping others through charity work which is why it can be more cost-effective overall to outsource this work to a professional. Recording with quality equipment can reduce background sounds that are hard to remove in editing and listeners are more likely to listen to clearly.

Hiring Time Capsule Productions means quality audio recording and editing done professionally. I will arrange a meeting to discuss your audio project so that you get the sound you want most effectively. Following the meeting, I will provide a rough timescale and price for your project. 


Enquire now to discuss your audio needs. Pricing is determined on a project-to-project basis.

When you hire an Audio Guestbook for your event you will receive the phone a few days before your event date. You can then record a personalised greeting to encourage your guests to leave a message after the tone.


On the day just set the phone up with an instructional sign included and watch your guests leave their feedback or memories of the event. I then take the audio, clean it up then you can use it in your own promotions or I can create an audio documentary of the event.


The documentary of your event would involve interviews with those organising the event either before or after the event. It would also include additional recordings at the event meaning I would come along to record some atmosphere and interviews.

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